California's Haunted Hotels & Restaurants

California's Haunted Hotels and Restaurants

Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego has a guest that never left. Her name is Kate Morgan and she checked in one night in 1892. Her lover was supposed to meet her there, but stood her up. The next morning she was found in front of the hotel, shot to death. Her ghost is often seen in front of the hotel throwing things at guests.

Patrick's Roadhouse, Santa Monica. The Roadhouse's last owner, Bill Fischler, is said to have publicly argued with customers who complained about the food. He also berated employees who didn't do things the way he wanted. He is said to drop in on occasion just to “check how things are going.” One chef quit after Fischler's ghost stood glaring at him in the kitchen.

The Queen Mary, Long Beach. More than 50 people have died aboard the ship. Their ghosts are reported to be wandering the decks. Leonard Horsborough was the chef on the ship's last voyage. He died of heart trouble and was buried at sea. Crew members report seeing him appear from time to time going about his duties in the kitchen.