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May 2014

This month's stories include:

A Drink with Something in It-Ogden Nash


Headline News Stories-Powdered Alcohol? FDA OK's Brewery Animal Feed, Teetotalers, Drought update


Celebrities in the Industry-Princess Kate and Prince William, James Cameron,

Richard Branson, Robin Williams


Popular Culture-Film



How Much is a Bottle of Wine Worth?-Three Answers, How Much is Opening the Bottle Worth? French Police Break Up Wine Theft Ring, Kirniawan to be Sentenced, Wine Collector Sues Over Fakes, Wine vs. Crime, Gallo Buys Winery, Wine Museum to Open, Boulder Demolishes Winery, Wine Tasting in Carmel, The Effects of Climate Change on Wine Grapes, Mt. Palomar Fire, I've Got a Winery I want to Sell You, Wine Rocks!


Beer-Just Beer,That's All! German Beer Problems, Craft Brewers Clean Up, OSU Archive, Follow the Rules


Spirits-Craft Distiller Killed, Absolut Gaga, Getting High in a Bar, Tips From Bartenders, Drinking with Hemingway


Other Food and Beverages-Eating with the Rich and Famous, What do You Serve with a Stockholder's Meeting? Bloomberg's Back! Titanic Menu


The Changing Market-Gourmet Organic Baby Food, When Prepared Food is Too Expensive, Target Data Breach Rolls On, Hispanic Market Growing


Health-Scientists Study Red Wine and Cancer, ABC May Control Medical Marijuana


Tasting Notes and the Industry Calendar-LA Winefest


Ogden Nash


A Drink with Something in It


There is something about a Martini,

A tingle remarkably pleasant

A yellow, a mellow Martini;

I wish that I had one at present.

There is something about a Martini,

Ere the dining and dancing begin,

And to tell you the truth,

It is not the vermouth-

I think that perhaps it's the gin.

-Ogden Nash


Headline News Stories

Powdered Alcohol?

The Alcohol, Tax, and Trade Bureau had approved powdered alcohol for sale. The product is called Palcohol and can be mixed with water to make a cocktail or sprinkled over food. It comes in 6 flavors including Margarita, Mojito, Lemon Drop, and Cosmopolitan. The company recommends adding Mojito to guacamole to give it an extra kick; adding Rum flavor to mellow BBQ sauce; or adding Vodka flavor to your morning scrambled eggs to start the day off right. The product was created by Mark Phillips and is patent pending. It is expected to be available this Fall. More information is at the company's website Oops! After 2 weeks, the government agency said the approval was issued “in error.” The company surrendered the documents and everything is on hold. It appears the product has already gone through extensive development and tests. Now Senator Charles Schumer (D-New York) has asked the FDA to ban it permanently because there is too much potential for abuse.

FDA OK's Brewery Animal Feed

Michael R Taylor, Deputy Commissioner of the FDA issued a statement on April 24 changing the agency's previous position on spent grain disposal from breweries. Spent grain is the portion of the grain left over from the beer brewing process. Breweries have disposed of the by-product for centuries by giving it to farmers or selling it to them at disposal prices for use as animal feed. The FDA had proposed that the grain be processed according to animal food standards. That would have meant sanitizing it, handling it without exposure to human hands, and packaging it before giving it to farmers. The change would have been costly to brewers and farmers putting many out of business. Paul Gatza, President of the Brewers Association had said the regulation “provided a solution to an issue that isn't a problem.”


Would you believe – 39% of the U.S. population does not drink alcohol – ever. That's the highest since the 1950's when the number was slightly over 40%.

Drought update

Relief may be just down the road. Meteorologists report that the area of the Pacific Ocean that spawns El Nino weather systems is heating up and may give us an El Nino winter. That means lots of rain. Meanwhile the current weather system is causing fruit crops to ripen early. Crops reporting in so far are apricots, figs, blueberries, and table grapes. This could mean an early harvest of wine grapes as well. As we went to press, the wine grape crop was starting to report in as early and big.


The State Water Project had previously allocated zero water deliveries from the system. After spring rains the allocation has been changed to 5% of the requested amounts.


Redwood Valley growers are upset with the Redwood Valley Water District's decision to cut off all water supplies for agriculture. The area in northeastern Mendocino County usually produces about $60 million worth of wines. The April ruling will leave farmers dependent on ponds and wells. Of the 2200 acres planted in wine grapes, 600 acres are dependent on the affected water supplies for frost protection and irrigation. It is feared the cut could cause a 20% to 40% reduction in the 2014 crop. The Redwood Valley District ordinarily gives 2/3 of its water to agriculture.


Governor Jerry Brown has proposed Twin 37 mile tunnels which would carry water from the Sierras south for agricultural uses at a cost of $25 billion. The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association has asked how much will be owed by users, who will be responsible for the cost, and who will pay for the plan if it falters. The group sent a letter to California Resources Agency Secretary, John Laird, saying “Unresolved financing and taxpayer issues are a major concern.” Jeffrey Michael, the Director of the Business Forecasting Center at the University of the Pacific in Stockton says that farmers can't cover an additional $1 billion in debt when they are already covering $2 billion in debt in the face of the drought.

Celebrities in the Industry

Producer and Director, James Cameron, who is credited for Titanic, Aliens, The Terminator, and Avatar has joined the wine industry. He purchased Beaufort Vineyard on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. The property is 84 acres with 6 acres currently planted with wine grapes. He will be producing organic wines. Cameron is a vegan and promotes sustainable agriculture. He also has a biodynamic farm in Santa Barbara and another in New Zealand.



Vineyard at Robin Williams Estate


Robin Williams Napa Valley estate, Villa Sorriso, is still for sale after 2 years. Now marked down to $29.9 million from the original $35 million. The property is 630 acres of which 18 acres is currently planted. The Italian still villa has a theater and a wine cellar.



Princess Kate and Prince William toured Amisfield Vineyard in Queenstown, New Zealand during a visit to the country. Vineyard owner, John Darby, said “She seemed quite knowledgeable in the pruning of the vines.” During the tour they were told that the estate uses helicopters to stir the air during frosts. Prince William commented “If you ever need a spare pilot, I'm here.” They are shown here enjoying a glass of Amisfield Pinot Noir 2011 before a lunch that included beet cured salmon at the winery's Lake Hayes Bistro. Amisfield produces Pinot Noir, Riesling, Pinot Gris, Fume Blanc, and Sparkling Wine. Later they attended a tasting put on by 30 local wineries. California price of Amisfield Pinot Noir is $40-$70.


Richard Branson is buying Mont Rochelle Hotel and Mountain Vineyard in South Africa through his Virgin Limited Edition luxury retreat business. The hotel is a 22 room property set on a 96 acre private estate surrounded by vineyards. The hotel will be closed until August for repairs and updating. The top room has a private terrace and pool and rents for 564 a night.



Popular Culture


Filmmakers David Baker and Justin Smith have released their film, American Wine Story at the Newport Beach Film Festival. The documentary traces the lives of 6 winemakers who took a new direction mid-career. “Wine is a mid-life crisis industry,” Baker said. Baker and Smith are from Oregon and plan their next showing at the McMinnville International Pinot Noir Celebration.


How Much is a Bottle of Wine Worth?-Three Answers

In April, Barry O'Farrell, the leader of Australia's state of New South Wales resigned over an ethics scandal involving a gift of a rare bottle of wine. The wine, Penfold's Grange Hermitage 1959 was valued at $2,800. O'Farrell had failed to report the gift on the public register, but the state ethics commission got a copy of a thank you note he sent to businessman, Nick di Girolamo. It said in part “1959 was a good year, even if it is getting further away. Thanks for all your support. Barry and Rosemary.”


Also in April, Mourad Herzi and Kamal Khobzaoui were caught stealing 24 bottles of wine from a Bordeaux wine brokerage. The theft included bottles of Smith Haut Lafite and Carmes Haut-Brion. 6 of the bottles were broken during the ensuing chase. The 2 men were each given prison sentences of 2 years plus 2 years suspended.


In the 1980's the Swiss Army shelled neighboring Liechtenstein during practice maneuvers. The shelling was an accident but started a forest fire. Anywhere else it could have caused a war. But, Liechtenstein doesn't even have an army. According to Swiss historian, Jurg Stussi-Lauterburg and Harry Quaderer, one of Liechtenstein's leaders, the whole incident was settled over a case of white wine.

How Much is Opening the Bottle Worth?

The French Laundry and Per Se, the Thomas Keller Group's 2 restaurants in Napa Valley, have the world's highest corkage fee at $150. A piece by wine blogger, Tom Wark, has the internet wine sites all buzzing about whether the service is worth the price, if the charge is meant to discourage bringing your own wine, or if it's just price gouging. What all the people writing in to comment don't realize is that if you can afford to eat at The French Laundry, it doesn't make any difference.

French Police Break Up Wine Theft Ring

French police have broken up a wine theft ring that has operated for some time. Most of their thefts were from classified Bordeaux wineries. They had a pattern of robbing a winery about every 2 weeks since June 2013. They would first steal an SUV from a nearby residence. They then went to a Chateau, broke in, stole cases of wine, and finally set fire to the vehicle to destroy any evidence. Police investigated for more than 6 months. Then an army of 300 officers raided residences in several towns simultaneously. Five thieves and a sales force of 15 were arrested. The wineries had reported more than $1 million stolen. But police say they recovered at least twice that amount.

Kirniawan to be Sentenced

Rudy Kirniawan is scheduled to be sentenced in Judge Richard Berman's Court on May 29. He could get a prison sentence of up to 20 years. His lawyers have filed a memo asking that he be sentenced to time served, which will be 27 months at the time of sentencing. They argue that most of his victims were wealthy and could afford the loss. Therefore little harm was done.

Wine Collector Sues Over Fakes

Atlanta real estate investor and wine collector, Julian LeCraw Jr., is suing the Antique Wine Company of London for $25 million. The company had sold him 15 bottles of wine vintage dated from 1787 to 1908. He alleges the wines are fake. The wines are Chateau d'Yquem 1787 and 1847, a 6 liter Chateau Margaux 1908, and 12 bottles of Lafite Rothschild vintage 1784 to 1906. In 2013 LeCraw asked Heritage Auctions, Frank Martell, to look at the wines for sale. Martell questioned whether they were real. Then LeCraw had expert, Maureen Downey, check the wine. She said some of the labels were printed by computer among other authentication problems. LeCraw then took the bottles to d'Yquem and Lafite estates where they were declared fakes. His attorney tried to get Antique Wine to take them back for the $101,000 paid. They refused. The $25 million suit includes punitive damages. Meanwhile, Antique Wine Company denies the allegations and says they get authentication from the wineries and others and keep the documentation on file. LeCraw says Antique has never produced the documents.

Wine vs. Crime

Wine writer, W. Blake Gray, has identified an important statistic. When wine consumption goes up, violent crime goes down. Figures from the U.S. back this up. Figures from France verify the same conclusion. Read about it in the Palate Press at

Among other things Gray notes that former French Premier, Nicolas Sarkozy, was a teetotaler and did more damage to the French wine industry than any French politicians in history including the Vichy Government.

Gallo Buys Winery

Gallo Wines has bought the 15,000 case Ledgewood Creek Winery in Solano County. The property includes 400 producing acres and complete facilities for wine production. Most importantly, it has water rights. Analysts indicate that supplies are assured through the Solano Irrigation District for the next several years. The district has rights to 141,000 acre feet and serves 23 wineries.

Wine Museum to Open

The California Wine Museum will open in Santa Rosa in 2015. The facility will house 4,500 historical artifacts amassed by collector, Jim McCormick, an antique dealer and viticultural antiquities expert. The museum will be on 3rd street near the Sonoma County Museum, the Charles Shulz “Peanuts” Museum, and the Luther Burbank Home and Gardens.


Boulder Demolishes Winery

A vineyard in the northern Italy region of Tyrol owned by the Servite Order of the Catholic Church was partially destroyed when giant boulders broke loose from the hills above. The boulders crushed numerous grape vines, crushed a 300 year old farm building, and just missed a house. No one was hurt. The vineyard was farmed by an Italian family of sharecroppers. 4,000 cubic meters of rock crashed down the mountain. The area has been evacuated because more rock may fall.

Wine Tasting in Carmel

The Carmel City Council has set a moratorium on wine tasting rooms. The city already has a multitude of wine bars and wine tasting rooms. There have been 5 new applications so far in 2014 alone. The City Council voted 5-0 on April 1 for a 45 day moratorium and is likely to extend it. The purpose is to give the Planning Commission time to decide how many wine bars and tasting rooms are appropriate for Carmel. Carmel is a tourist town known for romantic getaways and leisure weekends. Winemaker, Dan Tudor has a pending application that is waiting for a decision and has filed an appeal. The City Attorney and one Planning Commission member have recused themselves from the decision because Tudor's tasting room would be within 500 feet of their offices.


The Effects of Climate Change on Wine Grapes

Scientists at the University of Navarre and the Basque Institute for Research, both in Spain, have studied the possible effects of climate change on Tempranillo grapes. They were able to do this in a greenhouse environment where they increased the temperature and the CO2 content of the air. They found that the must from the grapes had less color, less flavor, and was of a lower quality.

Mt. Palomar Fire

An early morning propane explosion at the Mount Palomar Winery tasting room and restaurant caused $2 million damage according to Cal Fire. The blast blew out windows and threw glass shards a great distance. There were no injuries and wine production will not be affected.

I've Got a Winery I want to Sell You

Wine Blogger, Jonathan Yates, reports that there are 22 wineries being advertised for sale right now. Most are in California. He cautions that it's a tough business and says that 90% of the income will have to come from the tasting room; and that will happen between Noon and 6 PM on Saturdays and Sundays. Then wine dinners, birthdays, and weddings come next. The best locations are where there is competition. People like to follow a wine trail and visit as many wineries as possible in one day.

Wine Rocks!

6 Paso Robles wineries helped honor this year's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductees. The wineries were Adelaida Cellars, Castoro Cellars, Cypher Winery, Hope Family Wines, Jada Vineyard, and Lone Madrone. The rockers honored were Peter Gabriel, Hall and Oates, KISS, Nirvana, Linda Ronstadt, and Cat Stevens.


German Beer Problems

Germany's beer industry has been in a steady decline for decades. Consumption has fallen by a third in the last 25 years. It dropped by 2% in 2013 alone. Many of the country's small to medium size breweries are in danger of going out of business. The purity law of 1516 mandates the most expensive production costs in the world. The brewers are now resorting to price competition to keep sales up. The result is a profit squeeze.

Craft Brewers Clean Up

Craft brewers are now making beer infused bars of soap. You can buy Swag Brewery Oatmeal Stout soap $7, Brown Bag Porter soap $6, Herban Lifestyle Pale Ale soap $9, or Craftsman Point the Way IPA soap $6.50.


Just Beer, That's All!

The Sunny Rest Resort in Palmerton, PA will be hosting a Bare Beer Festival next month. For only $18 participants can have unlimited Craft Beer samples. The only condition is that nudity is required in the beer festival area. The invitation doesn't indicate if the brewery reps will be wearing aprons.



OSU Archive

Oregon State University is starting the Oregon Hops and Brewing Archive in order to preserve the current revival of Craft Beers for future generations. The archive will show how beer runs through the history of the Willamette Valley. OSU experimented in the 1890's with hop breeding and later with plant genetic studies. “Today they are mapping the hop genome for disease resistance and flavor.” said Tiah Edmunson-Morton, the OSU librarian charged with overseeing the collection. Hops have been grown in the state since 1869.

Follow the Rules

When eating and drinking in some beer bars, you have to follow the posted rules, or else! At The Saloon, Washington D.C. “No standing, no TV, no gum chewing while drinking, and speak softly; others may not be interested in what you're saying.” From the Violet Hour in Chicago “No beer reviewing, phones stay in your pocket, no baseball hats, and don't bring any friends that you wouldn't bring to your mother's house for Sunday dinner.” From the Burp Castle in New York “This is a place for quiet reflection, if it gets too noisy the bartender will put his finger to his lips and say Shhh!”


Craft Distiller Killed

Malcolm Lloyd, the owner of New York's craft Double Cross Vodka, was killed in a car crash in the early hours of April 24. He was vacationing in Miami Beach and returning from a party at the Versace Mansion. He was a passenger in a Lamborghini that was traveling at a speed of more than 100 miles an hour when it hit an SUV that was stopped at a traffic light. Lloyd had modeled his vodka after a double distilled vodka he had found in the Czech Republic. He was a partner with a relative in the spirits company, Old Nassau Imports.

Absolut Gaga

Absolut Vodka is partnering with Lady Gaga on her U.S. tour, ARTRAVE-the ARTPOP BALL. The tour is promoting her new album, ARTPOP. Absolut is presenting the Absolut ARTPOP Lounge, a bar onstage. At each concert the names of 2 fans will be drawn to watch the show sitting at the onstage bar sipping a drink called Absolut Gaga. If you want to make one at home, use Ginger Ale, Sparkling Apple Cider, Grapefruit Juice, and Absolut Vodka.

Bar in the Crowne Plaza


Getting High in a Bar

Antoinette Allison is suing the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Syracuse, New York for $1million because the bar stools are too high. She was in the hotel bar waiting for a table in the restaurant when she fell off the bar stool. Ms. Allison landed on her wrist suffering multiple fractures that required surgery. In her lawsuit she said “The hotel was aware of other problems with the height of the stools.”

Tips From Bartenders

Here are some inside tips from top bartenders

  1. Mix a Martini in a wide glass. The glass allows more ice cubes, the liquor will chill faster and the drink will be stronger.

  2. Unless you're mixing lots of Martinis, don't buy vermouth in 750ml or liter bottles. The vermouth won't oxidize and will stay fresher in smaller bottles.

  3. The oil in an orange or lemon peel is pungent. It makes a big difference in the taste of the drink if the peel is used as a garnish, rubbed on the rim, or mixed with the drink.

  4. Maggi Seasoning can be used in place of Worcestershire in a mix to add Umami and give a different flavor to a Bloody Mary.

Hemingway at the El Floridita


Drinking with Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway liked a lot of drinks and is associated with Dry Martinis, but his favorite was a Daiquiri. He had a special Daiquiri made at the El Floridita Bar in Havana. It was made with no sugar and double the Rum. The bar named the drink a Hemingway (it's also called a Pasa Doble). He holds the bar record at the establishment for downing 16 of them in one evening.

Other Food and Beverages

Eating with the Rich and Famous

In April Warren Buffett had dinner at the Four Seasons Restaurant in New York City. That's not news. What he ordered is news. Buffett has $65 Billion. He can order anything he wants. He wanted a hamburger and a Cherry Coke. The Four Seasons serves hamburgers, but doesn't have Cherry Coke. Not in a bottle, can, and not even at a fountain. Four Seasons owner, Julian Niccolini says “ We don't carry that kind of stuff, so I sent out people to CVS to buy it.” Buffett didn't mind the wait. He has a controlling interest in Coca-Cola.

What do You Serve with a Stockholder's Meeting?

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting draws a crowd of 10,000 to Omaha, Nebraska. Hotel room rates jump to $1,000 a night. This is fertile ground for web start up, Airbnb, which brokers rooms in people's homes at discounted rates. On April 19 the company held a recruiting session for Omaha residents and served Bloody Marys and cupcakes. Downtown Omaha hotel, The Magnolia, raised its per night rate from $169 to $425 and fought back by giving guests Champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries.


Bloomberg's Back!

The New York City Attorney is appealing the 2013 legal ruling that the city could not enforce Bloomberg's law and stop restaurants from selling soda drinks in cups larger than 16oz. The case will go to the Court of Appeals on June 4.

Titanic Menu

A menu from the Titanic is being auctioned by Andrew Aldridge of Henry Aldridge Auctioneers in London. It is expected to go for at least $150,000. It is a breakfast menu from April 11, 1912. What makes it unusual is that it is from second class. The auction house specializes in luxury liner mementos. Over the years they have sold 7 first class menus. This is the only second class menu they have ever seen. Aldridge says this “is the rarest of the rare.”

The Changing Market

Gourmet Organic Baby Food

New trend noted in the marketplace. Young mothers are concerned about the sodium and additives in baby food. But still find making their own too much trouble and want the convenience of buying ready made. Petite Organics is filling the order in New York, Chicago, and Indianapolis. The company delivers ready made, non-GMO certified, organic baby food to residences, day care centers, preschools, and businesses. For only $48 moms get a delivery of nine 4 ounce containers of apples, carrots, pears, beets, and other pureed food. The food is packed in recyclable containers that are free of BPA and pthalates. The food has a shelf life of 4 days.

When Prepared Food is Too Expensive

Another new trend. Some customers are finding supermarket prepared foods just too expensive. So they are cutting back on their purchases by still buying the ready-to-eats and using them as ingredients in dishes made with fresh vegetables and other ingredients. One of the top items used to combine with other ingredients at home: cooked whole chicken.

Target Data Breach Rolls On

Greg Steinhafel, CEO of Target, is out of his job as the fall out from last December's data breach continues. He has also resigned from the Board of Directors. The change was effective immediately. This is the latest shoe to drop as the company tries to regain its momentum in a very competitive market segment.

Hispanic Market Growing

Donna Crecca of Technomic reports that Hispanics will make up 15% of the U.S. drinking population in 2015, 18% by 2025, and 25% by 2045. Neilsen reports that spending by Hispanics will reach $1.5 trillion in 2015. Drinking age Latinos consume over 16% of beer and Latino males between 21 and 27 drink 20% more than the general population.



Scientists Study Red Wine and Cancer

Researchers at the Florida campus of the Scripps Institute say they have figured out how resveratrol in grapes and red wine works to control cancer and heart disease. The compound is also found in blueberries, cranberries, and some nuts. It controls the body's immune response to inflammation and binds with estrogen receptors; whatever that means. The fact is that it works.

ABC May Control Medical Marijuana

California State Assemblyman Tom Ammiano (D - San Francisco) has introduced AB1894 which would assign state control of Medical Marijuana to the ABC Department. It would create a state registry for cultivating, manufacturing, testing, transporting, storing, distributing, and selling Marijuana.

Tasting Notes

Raise the Macallan

We had the pleasure this month of attending one of the Raise the Macallan events. This event was definitely consumer oriented. But, it was very professionally done. The star of the evening was Kieron Elliott, Macallan's West Coast Ambassador. He is a pro. He held the attention of 200 people for about an hour as he cajoled them with humor, gave facts about Scotch and the unique qualities of his brand and skillfully led them through a tasting. We started with 12 year Sherry cask single malt, progressed to 15 and 17 year three barrel single malts, and finished with 18 year old Sherry cask. He never pushed too hard, yet by the end of the evening he made 200 Macallan converts. His sense of humor and Scottish accent are two great assets for the company.

Industry Calendar

The LA Winefest will be celebrating its 9th year. The event is being held at the Raleigh Studios in Hollywood on May 31 & June 1. Trade hours are 12-1 May 31. Hundreds of Wines from Napa Valley to Temecula will be featured along with Craft Beers and Spirits. Doors will open to the public after the exclusive trade times. Snacks and food will be available from some of LA's famed fleet of gourmet food trucks. Register for the event at

5/12 Wine Warehouse-LA

5/14 Vino California-Santa Monica (correction)

5/14-15 Los Angeles International Wine Competition-Pomona

5/15 New Zealand Wine Fair - SFO

5/15-18 Wine Festival – Paso Robles

5/17 JFC Sake Expo-LA

5/19 JFC Sake Expo-SFO

5/19 Henry Wine Group – SFO

5/20 Henry Wine Group -LA

5/21 Henry Wine Group -S Diego

5/29-31 Healthy Beverage Expo – Long Beach

5/29-31 World Tea Expo-Long Beach

5/31-6/1 LA Winefest – LA

6/5 Ancient Greece Wines-LA

6/9 Hungarian Wine Road Show-LA

6/18-19 Unified Grocers Expo – Long Beach

New Legislation for 2014

Our industry has more laws controlling it than most industries. The State

Legislature and the ABC give us license privileges and can take them away. 2013

has several new laws that you must follow. New alcoholic beverage laws will be

introduced that will be effective in 2014. Many critical issues are pending. Is your

business safe? Members are encouraged to look through the Legislative Bulletin. If

there is a new law that is a problem for your business, call the association office

now. The CBRA is your voice in Sacramento. If you are not a member, join today.

The CBRA is your only voice when it comes to new beverage laws.

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