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September 1, 2009


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The legislature was on Summer recess during the month of August. There are a number of issues pending that will make it more difficult and expensive to do business. We will keep our eye on these as the session re-opens this month. Members are encouraged to read the Legislation section of our website and let the association know your opinions on the issues that affect you.


Quick Shots

The Wall Street Journal(8/26/09) reports that Annheuser-Busch and MillerCoors both plan to raise prices this fall. According to WSJ they are able to do this despite slight sales decreases and higher profits because they hold dominant positions in every category and have a combined 80% market share. 12 pack prices will increase about $1 to the consumer. On the import side Heineken has announced they will also take price increases.


The IDDBA is offering a video about wine and cheese pairing online. CBRA members can log on to download this video at no charge. Go to


Nielsen Co. reports that Private Label sales have grown 9% since their last survey.


What are the latest trends in beverage service for weddings and other celebrations? Be ready to help your customers make the best celebrations and gain more business. Here are 5 trends to keep in mind.

  1. Signature cocktails, with or without alcohol, to tie in with the theme or the colors used in the decorations.

  2. Cocktail hour timing. They don't have to be served before dinner.

  3. Centerpieces. Bottles or pitchers of beverage can be used as centerpieces.

  4. Personalized labels for water, wine, or other beverages served; or even sent as an invitation to the event.

  5. Beverage costs account for up to 50% of the total event cost. People are insistent on getting it right.



Wine Tastings and Industry Events

The Rhone Rangers tasting was held in Santa Monica on August 9. We attended and tasted a lot of great California wines. As always we are looking for good buys that offer our members the chance to satisfy customers and make a profit. We found some outstanding buys at the event:

Barrel 27 Wine Company tasted two delightful wines. The 2007 “High on the Hog” Viognier ($15 retail) was elegant with nice character and a slight sweetness. Their “Head Honcho” (retail $28) made 100% from Syrah grapes was full bodied with a real punch. Either wine will pair well with food. For information contact Jason Carter, Manager and Partner at (805) 237-1245 or

By far the best value tasted at the event was from Outpost Wines. Most wineries make Grenache into a Rose'. Outpost found their Howell Mountain Grenache was too big for that! This wine is a very Full Bodied Red. It is rich and mellow. It will pair well with food or can stand on its own to help friends contemplate life in front of a fire. The $40 retail price is a bargain compared to the other Howell Mountain wines that sell for $75 to $120. For information call Marketing Manager, Dan Ricciato at (707) 965-1718 or


The San Diego Convention Center hosted three trade shows August 30 to September 1; The California Foodservice and Hospitality show, All Asia Food and Beverage, and Comida Latina. These shows were some of the biggest trade events of the year.

The Sysco show will be held September 2 in Anaheim; KOAMEX September 30 in L.A.; Mutual Trading annual tasting of Asian Foods and Beverages on October 3; and the PMA show is October 3 to 5 in Anaheim. CBRA members can attend all these shows at no charge. Contact the Association office for details.

Coming Promotions

Start planning ahead for the Holiday Season this month. Business and profits will flow to those who pick the right buys and have plenty of stock on hand.

CBRA Membership Remains Open

Now, more than ever, access to your industry is important. The CBRA is California's only statewide association of licensed retailers, and our membership continues to be open for the first time in 20 years.


At CBRA we deal with licenses and regulations that affect the beverage business on a daily basis. That's why CBRA offers practical solutions, unique products, services, information, and timely advice for both large and small beverage businesses. With reasonable fees, superior service, and associates that are easy to reach, CBRA helps you to run your business better and easier.

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